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The Cradle of Jazz Project is now building its membership!  Why? Our tours are meant only to bring support to our long range mission of sustained inter-cultural music education for youth. This mission becomes a reality in the Summer of 2016 when Lamine Soumano’s two youngest children, with Kokanko Sata Doumbia’s youngest son, join a small group of home schooled children in  South Carolina for a semester of musical and lingual exchange.

But one summer of exchange is not enough! To provide a lasting educational impact to our West African and Western students alike, we are endeavoring to bring these students one semester per year of inter-cultural exchange and bi-musical education. This project runs at a minimum of $17,000 per year…. Your support is crucial.

Membership Levels

$25 “Jitterbug” membership: You will receive members-only e-newsletters from the Cradle of Jazz Project.  Each of these newsletters includes a secret recipe from COJP’s Executive Director, Julie Moore.

$55 “Daddy-O” supporting membership: You receive the newsletters, a Kokanko Sata Doumbia recording, and a set of Cradle of Jazz Project batik notecards.

$95 “Hep Cat” sustaining membership: You will receive the above, plus an exquisite handmade Malian coin bracelet from Old Money Corp!

$275 “In the Pocket” membership: Receive the above, as well as: a Cradle of Jazz Project filé gumbo gift pack*, AND a custom made African-themed glass plate by Karen Casey!
*Gift pack includes recipe, spice mix, and homemade filé powder

Or, talk to us about “The Duke” lifetime membership, which includes a private concert in your home by Kokanko Sata Doumbia and a catered West African dinner for your concert guests.

Thank you for supporting our work at the Cradle of Jazz Project!

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